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Microsoft VoIP Microsoft plans on getting into the VoIP game in a big way. Looks like Cisco and Microsoft will be the big dogs. 3Com has a significant market share and will try to build more with their new Asterisk offering. Avaya ? Adios Avaya. Definitely on the decline.



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Managed Services

Depending on which press release or survey you read, somehwere between 30% and 60% of businesses use some type of managed IT services.


XXX is one of the very few real managed services providers in town. In a business community overrun with "computer consultants" XXXX stands head and shoulders above the rest offering enterprise level expertise that is simply not available from the plethora of retired and fired IT guys with consultant stickers in the back window of their pickup truck.


When your business is ready for managed IT services, you want something more than a local consultant. But at the same time, you don't want to entrust your critical business operations to the faceless giant of a company who may be sending your calls to the other side of the planet. To keep it local and still get that enterprise level expertise contact +++ your infor here +++


SMB Workforce Goes Mobile The workforce of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is becoming more mobile and that trend is shaping technology spending plans for companies with 500 or fewer employees, research from the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) reveals. Nearly three out of four SMBs have at least one or more employees telecommuting; and on average has 7 percent of its workforce working from home one or more days per week. In addition, 90 percent of SMBs reported having one or more employees traveling on business at least one day per week. On average, 10 percent of the SMB workforce is mobile.

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